I produced my first music video!!

During the last week I shot, cut and edited my first music video. This is something I always wanted to do. The opportunity was there and I finally…

water birds at water park Vienna - Wasservögel im Wasserpark Wien

water birds in Vienna at the water park

seagulls, herons, swans, ducks and ravens on a frozen lake

castle Kreuzenstein, Austria

Kreuzenstein castle

…and the shooting for „The Witcher“ on Netflix

a snails home with holes inside, sun shining from behind

macro photography 2.0

macros with new favourite lens! more to come!

about me & my cameras

me, in a nutshell

abandoned macros 2018

small things under cheap glass

vienna from behind - Wien von hinten

vienna from behind / wien von hinten

I don’t like the glossy, spotless fassades of the city. I like the rusty, rotten back side better. It’s more honest.

frog sitting on a nymphaea leaf in a pond

in and around the pond

lots of live: frogs, dragonflies and plants

landscape, vienna, floodplain forest, flower, flora

landscapes 2018

landscapes and flora in and around vienna

a close-up photo of a dragonfly


…might be the most uncooperative photo subjects. but sooo interesting!