During the last week I shot, cut and edited my first music video. This is something I always wanted to do. The opportunity was there and I finally could say, I have all the equipment for a professional looking video, gimbal, 4k capable camera, high speed shots, a very good wide angle lens, perfect for videos… and then my best friend had the idea to shoot a video while he was staying in vienna for a week.

John has founded a music lable a while ago and is collecting very tallented musicians since then. But he is a fantastic musician himself as well.

You can find his lable here: Http://www.ilmatar.at/

And now, here’s the video:

We had fun shooting this. The weather was perfect and we had the whole day. The following days I locked myself up in my appartment with enough pizza and coffee and cats and did the cutting and editing with the free version of DaVinci Resolve. I learned quite a bit. And I am looking forward to producing the next video.