To show the reality of lockdown protests in Vienna on Nov. 11th 2021

I have been in the first district and here I am to report my feelings:

First: All the time a military helicopter has been cruising above the inner districts of vienna from 12:00 am on. The feeling on the streets was somewhat divided but still united. We felt we where humans all the way. No one knew the target to march on, it could have been the Parlament, Ballhausplatz, Rathaus, whatever. But there where more people on the streets then on any other saturday that time of day. And the helicopters where cruising, their noise was poluting the streets and minds and as it was to make us afraid, it was only making us more aware of our unity.


„the demonstration is huge. And above the city there are helicopters cruising. My mother got the feeling, the police tries to drive the people like cattle to the last meal. But I still just see peace and calm. I regret, not being there.“

Minutes later:

„Ôh there are so many! All of the City Circuit is full of people! It just won’t stop!“

28 Minutes later:

„Damn, I’m so proud of them people 🙂 No circumstances so far! An still the circuit is fuill of people!“

40 Minutes later:

„1000 Policemen to protect Heldenplatz, but still is calm and peacefull!“

17:12 pm – 10 Minutes later:

„Alright, slowly it’s getting hot. ‚Please just let us through. We just want to tell our opinion!“‚ So it will escalate tonight.


Hundreds of Policemen suddenly in stromtrooper Outfit (Helmets, and so on) trying to protect the entrance to Heldenplatz. All the people want is to get in and prostest.


At least 100 camers and flags from all around the world


Now the protesters start to call „buh“ This means, the policemen couldn’t handle their requests.


During 3 minutes the situation got hot. Very hot. Probably just because the statesmen put the policemen against the protesters, who simply wanted to peacefuly state their mind. But our statesmen hid behind a wall of policemen, like a king in the chessgame. The pressure starts rising and I feel for both sides.
Partly I don’t regret being there any more. I am no figure on a chessgame. But what else am I?“


„I am witnessing the people between the front and the back, catched in the middle. Is this, how lemmings feel like?“


So many policemen, just to protect Heldenplatz. Rumours say, people are demonstrating even up to Westbahnhof.“ [all of vienna is blocked. no one can come by.]


policemen are called back


demonstraters are regulating bad individuals (drunk, hateful) in their own will. someone threw a bottle. a policemen cried. all the protesters turned around and cried: “ one more time and then-…“

Everyone just understood: It’s not about war. It’s about coming together.


Police seems to cooperate somehow, they seem to play along. Demonstraters go through the side doors, very mannered.


Heldenplatz is full of people.


Sirenes, Drumms, Heldenplatz has been conquered.


Ballhausplatz has been conquered. All is going to be good. They are playing ‚“wind of changes“ – this can’t be topped!“

These are pictures of the demonstrations worldwide and in vienna:

My final notice:

We tried to stay in freedom, we just wanted to be heard. But what our leading sociopaths did: They did put souldiers (policemen) between the people and workers (protesters) to not hear their voices. It’s a shame. A never ending shame for those who had the chance to just listen and still didn’t want to.

This is my prostest.

I do NOT comply.

I came out of an abusive relationship just to see the same shit out here. It’s the same, it’s future faking („just a few more jabs and we’re all be fine“; „there’ll never be a law to be jabbed“; „it’s just a ..“; „no one will be forced to…“) and then letting us know, there’s a possibity that all the promises are being broken (but for a good reason, because, the numbers are rising [but are they? {no, actually they are not}]) and then breaking all the promises and making someone else responsible (namely those who didn’t comply, who didn’t believe and who still didn’t want to be jabbed) and now the jabbed ones have someone to hate for what someone else has done to them.

There’s the thing:

Just follow the money. Where the money ends, the devil sits.

While people on the streets all over the world are writing history, mass media is printing the lies of our governments and pharma industry. actually media should write history with us. but they are repeating the same stupid mistakes again.

If they could only tell the truth finally.

Let’s just talk. Hm?