#WeDoNotComply #WirZeigenGesicht

Source: Dr. Andreas Sönnichsen @ Corona Ausschuss Sitzung 80
Picture shows the ratio between tests done in austria (PCR, all in all 107.984.174 Tests until 9th of nov 2021) in light grey and positive test results in red(which still don’t result in a covid infection, only showing antibodies in your nose or throat) – Austria’s (9 Million inhabitants) regime had to do 107 Million tests to get 1.107.425 positive results in whole since April 2020, which comes down to a test positive rate of 1,05%

This is all just about the money and our societies are much too trustful and naive regarding our „leaders“ who are changing laws and definitions behind our backs while all of us stare at the pandemic, paralyzed in fear.

Meanwhile doctors, specialists, laywers, nurses, vaccine-victims, scientists who speak out the truth are being silenced at hundreds by the mass media and greedy lawers and everbody who dares to ask questions is called a racist or terrorist.

During the last months Austrias people stood up, more and more. The last demonstration in Vienna was humbling. Some say, there were 300.000 People on the streets, they marched for ! 10 ! hours in the freezing cold, peacefully. Just one case of obviously engaged agents provocateurs in the beginning was reported, but actually this one incident was the only thing, mass media reported.

I thought even the mass media won*t be able to downsize it anymore. But they tried. But wehn there are 300.000 people in the streets, peacefully, families, all kinds of people, together, in a peacfull march for freedom and they get home and read in the newspaper, they were only 43.000 and that they were ALL Nazis and led by Right Wing Terrorists, these newspapers lost der credibility… they simply stripped naked now.

To show, what really happened and to document the banners, transparents and opinions of the masses, I took screenshots from several live streams at that afternoon and evening.
Look at the pictures and judge yourself.
What did mass media say? a view thousand, all violent radicals, etc.

btw… did you know all mass media belongs to the same people as pfizer, johnson & the other johnson and so on? The black rock. those are the same guys who told us, cigarettes wouldn’t cause any harm or cocaine or opium weren’t addictive and whatever… after all, they aren’t responsible. Talk to their laywers.
Damn… It’s so fr****g obvious by now.

Just force them to stop spitting lies in our faces.
Make them stand by their descicions. We’re all just human.
And if they won’t, they all can still plie for insanity. In that case, all contracts with Pfizer, Johnson and so on would be null and … okay, so, go on!“

Pics I took without asking:

Police wasn’t hindered. All made way for the police cars, instantly.
drums were a very intergral part.
as I said.
very appreciated.
drums are like the heartbeat of every peacefull revolution.
I wish I knew how to…
so: very apppreciated.
„together for a future worth living“
I guess, mass media will try to print even this one into a „nazi“ or „right wing“ but here’s the proof, this guy doesn’t give a fuck about left, right, conservative… nah, this guy just wants to have a FUTURE! A good one. If you all don’t mind?
„When Injustice turns to just, resitance becomes duty.“


„I had to go to the bathroom „KURZ“ly, is Nehammer still the chancelor?“


„Ich war KURZ am Klo, ist Nehammer noch Kanzler?“


„I think, therefore I demonstrate“
„Ich denke, also demonstriere ich.“
our best friend up in the air… just watching…. nah, we’re not tracing your phones or faces for whomever. It’s ALL just for YOUR security. So you don’t feel bad protesting against our Regime. Right?“

still all…

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1… 2… 3… 4…?
3G… 2G… 1G
Vaccination Mandate?
When are you finaly waking up?“
„We won’t be devided.“
„It’s about time to say „THANKYOU“ to the police“
btw.: police „watching“ the protest: 1200
police in their private time, walking with the protesters: uncounted
I’m just walking the dog. he wanted to go on and on and on…
This is not welcomed by the peacefull protesters. Those pyro smoke things just give the media, what they want. Dramatic pictures, that will feed the narrative.
Still walking the dog. I am following him. He really needs loooong walks.
„civil resistance“
It’s fine. just walk by. They never answer on the phone. So, I guess, there’s no one being desturbed there. (ministery of finances, austria. BMF; Bundesministerium für Finanzen, Finanzamt, Blümel, Blüml, Finanz, Steuer)

this and all following pictures in the post curtesy of
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going on:

people just walking, peacefully but noisy. btw.: this is vienna states opera in the background there. james bond was filmed right there. vienna sängerknaben. and who knows what else 🙂 this is Staatsoper. And there are thousands of people passing by just to keep their human rights.
„all of austria is peacefully walking on the the streets together. so nice to see!

love to australia, a whole lot of solidarity.“

„we try to change history here. for us, for you, for them all 🙂

Our call to you out there: no matter which country you live in.
Stay strong. Also in your legs.

This ain’t the end. It’s all going to be fine. Acutally it’s fine already. Look at us!
Just be patient, stay strong, it’s all just a matter of time.“

„dear austrian gouvernment,
your people are over it. We guess, you can see us? There are enough of us people on the streets. moving forward, singing, calling, making noise. You just simply can’t force us. No way.
your people.“
„Jewish people for education“
„make Austria great again“
„Corona Lies“

I couldn’t wait for mainstream media to downsize them all to „a few hundred right radicals“ again.
So I checked the newspapers. And I was right. The reporting in mass media was ridiculous. Obvious lies.

Still. you see it here: thousands and thousands, all countries, all believes, all kinds of people together on the streets. no need to argue, Krone.at, ORF, Kurier, derStandard, Profil. Stop making up things just for your Investors (I know, all the big newspapers are posting advertisments for the big pharma companies by now, most of the time even hidden in so called „articles“ that strangely never proof their „facts“ by showing numbers, they just put up any kind of statement and call it „the only truth“)
You’re not marketing companies, ain’t ya? You’re investigators, journalists, truthtellers, ay? At least you should be. Your people trusted you.
Just start reporting the truth again! C’mon! It’s your turn!

So many people! Krone.at, derStandard.at, Profil.at, Kurier.at, … this is not „a hand full of right radicals“ – this is not a „couple of nazis“ – this is not „some right wing stupid flatearthers“ – nah, not at all. These are the people. Just deliver now and you will be forgiven. We won’t talk about the lies you had to tell. Just report the truth from now on. PLEASE.

„It’s enough now! We are many! Together, for each other.“
The Banner shows fire fighter, police, nurse, military and people in a move
it just won’t stop.
still watching.
and still I didn’t spot any right wing radicals, nazis or terrorists. strange. mainstream media always knows better.

If you take „Christkindl Markt“, „Christmas“, „Punschstandl’n“ and „Weihnachtsmärkte“, social life and „Betriebsweihnachtsfeiern“ away from the Austrian people, you have to live with weekly protests in the scale of 500.000 people on the streets. People want to meet, people like to be people. Simple.

Yeah, it’s as if they were human. Strange. I just can’t imagine any one of them coping to be treated by a robot nurse when he/she gets older. Nah… those people are no machines and you won’t be able to turn them into machines.

No matter, how hard you try.


his sign says:
„propaganda = science
vaccination = freedom
distance = charity
exclusion = solidarity“
and there on the backside of his sign:
a TV washing brains
Entrance to Heldenplatz
„I think, therefore I demonstrate“
dozens of police men have to stand in the cold and protect our government. actually it should be the other way round. They are watching the wrong side and during the talk at Heldenplatz gropus of 8 police officers started to pick single people out of the mass, checking their vaccination status. one woman was hit on the ground, by police. There should be a video clip of this incident somewhere too.
Very violent protesters, indeed.
I still can’t spot any Nazis, right wingers, fascists, terrorists…
peace, freedom, sovereignty
„Dear Australians!
Warm Greetings from Vienna!
‚Your fears and worries are also our fears and worries. Stay strong and do not be afraid! Here and today our common uprising against a global fascist corona regima begins! This fight against the destiny intended for us and planned gainst us, we conduct inwardly peace with the utmost determination and willingness to die! Resistance and fight are crucial in order for us to stay human. Stand firm and fight bravely. We are with you!
Sound of the drums, beatin‘ in my heart. The thunder of guns tore me apart, you’ve been – thunderstruck!“
Another copule gets picked out by … let me count 11 policemen. vaccination status check.
After some talks, some chants, some music and more freezing the walk goes on through the first district.
This refers to a famous quote of our last chancelor, who said in 2020 at the start of this madness „soon everbody of us will know some one who died of corona“

The sign says „Soon everbody will know someone, who once was chancelor“

😀 😀 😀
The small sign says:
„The efficiency of content grows with the efficiency of freedom“
„Resistance is common sense“
NEVER !!! Vaccine Mandate
„You can threaten us. You can torture us.
What happens to our bodies is still our descicion“
„Where there is risk there MUST be choice!“
„Freedom without pressure and force“
„Team freedom“
„For the truth
No to vaccine mandates
Protect our fundamental rights“
„Stopp! It’s enough! Love, peace, democracy!“
„How more often do I have to be vaccinated to turn into the perfect digitaly controlled working zombie?“
„I think, therefore I demonstrate“
„Freedom for Australia“

Next stop at Stephansdom, a talk, calling for democracy, freedom of speech and choice, informing people about the importance of alternative media right now (servus.tv, etc.)
„Where justice turns to injustice, resistance becomes duty“
„stop plandemic corona dictatorship now!!!
Not vaccinated:
100% secure from vaccination side effects
99% secure from covid!“
„when will government stop unconstitutional and health threatening and economy destroying measures? masks (chin-diapers), lockdowns, gene vaccines, vaccine side effects“
the walk goes on, passing by Stephansdom (where btw. no people who don’t want to wear a mask while praying are welcome anymore, but maybe you know how the church acted while 3rd Reich. I think, they didn’t act at all, actually.
Huge advertisment on Stephansdom.
Stop at Schwedenplatz. The protesters decide to turn around and walk back to Heldenplatz again. It’s 10pm by now, it’s freezing cold, people are on their feet since 10 hours. Live stream stops.

I wasn’t there. But I made this page to document. I hope, this does at least help a bit to spread the truth.

Fruther Protests / Weitere Demonstrationen