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Protest #noMandateVienna #vaccine? #corona # plandemic #weAreJustNotForIt #IJust cantDecideYet #thereAreTooManyAnswersOpen 2021/12/04

During the last months Austrias people stood up, more and more. The last demonstration in Vienna was humbling. Some say, there were 300.000 People on the streets, they marched for ! 10 ! hours in the freezing cold, peacefully.

Covid 19 Lockdown Vienna Austria #worldwide IWillNotComply 2021-11-20 #ThisIsNotMyWar

While people on the streets all over the world are writing history, mass media is printing the lies of our governments and pharma industry. actually media should write history with us. but they are repeating the same stupid mistakes again.

Cemeteries in Vienna: Cemetery Dornbach – Wiener Friedhöfe: Dornbacher Friedhof

A walk on the cemetery „Dornbach“ in the 17th disctrict of Vienna The first time since my divorce for me to take my camera for a walk. And…

water birds in Vienna at the water park

seagulls, herons, swans, ducks and ravens on a frozen lake

Kreuzenstein castle

…and the shooting for „The Witcher“ on Netflix


…might be the most uncooperative photo subjects. but sooo interesting!

macro photography 2.0

macros with new favourite lens! more to come!

about me & my cameras

me, in a nutshell

abandoned macros 2018

small things under cheap glass

vienna from behind / wien von hinten

I don’t like the glossy, spotless fassades of the city. I like the rusty, rotten back side better. It’s more honest.

in and around the pond

lots of live: frogs, dragonflies and plants

landscapes 2018

landscapes and flora in and around vienna