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Defragmented Zebra / Defragmentiertes Zebra

A great present for nerds, geeks, it-freaks. Waiting for hours for our harddrives being defragmented is a part of our history, but with this design we feel the nostalgia coming back.

I was normal three cats ago / Vor 3 Katzen war ich noch normal

One can never have enough cats, but they do something with you, this can’t be denied. In the best case they bring to you some healthy egoism and hedonism.

Banana / Banane

I love cats / Ich liebe Katzen

Winterwalk around Danube in Vienna / Winterspaziergang an der Donau in Wien

: A fishing boat or houseboat at the shore of danube on a sunny winter afternoon. A sunset at the waterside.

Yes sir, you may buy me a drink / Ja, mein Herr, Sie dürfen mich auf einen Drink einladen